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Cliffton Silk Gifts

baby asleep on pure silk

Silk Baby

Wrap your baby in the Best -

Baby's skin can be prone to dryness and irritation - Silk Charmeuse does not absorb natural moisture from the skin like other fabrics -
Silk is Hypoallergenic and dust mites cannot live in Silk - which is another good reason to wrap baby in Silk, allowing baby to breath without breathing in allergens

silk baby cot pillowcases 25 momme pure silk

Silk Cot Pillowcases

Silk is also a Natural heat regulator, maintaining babies body temperature keeping them warm in cold temperatures and cool in hot temperatures -

Silk allows your baby's body to breath and is also Naturally fire retardant
Silk is also good for eszema sufferers and allergies
Silk Cot/Cotbed Pillowcase -
42 x 60cm (16x23in)
Price - £21 -which includes postage

silk baby cot pillow silk floss filled 100% pure silk

Silk Cot Pillow

Filled with 100% Mulberry Silk A Grade Floss
Covered with 100% 25 momme Silk Charmeuse

Hypoallergenic and dust mite free
All of the baby silk is available in natural ivory/white - undyed and chemical free
Silk Cot/Cotbed Pillow 
Size 42x60cm (16x23in)
Price -  £38 - which includes postage

(suitable for babies over 12 months)

silk baby cot sheets 25 momme pure silk

Silk Baby Sheets

Babies are prone to losing their hair at the back of their head while moving in their moses baskets or cots
In tests we proved that babies sleeping on our silk charmeuse did not lose their hair at the back of their head
Give your baby the softer option
Silk Cot/Cotbed flat sheet 
120 x 186cm (47x73in)
Price - £42 - which includes postage

Silk Moses/crib flat sheet
110 x 70cm (43x27in)
Price -  £21 - which includes postage

100% silk taggie blankie  baby comforter

Silk Taggie Blankie

Lots of people have contacted me  about Taggie Blankies -  saying their Babies have sucked the dye from coloured taggie blankies - our blankies are undyed and chemical free

25 momme Silk Taggy Blankie

Size - 25cm x 25cm (10x10")
Price - £16 - Which Includes Postage

silk baby comforter 25 mm silk

Silk Blankie

Pure Silk Baby Comforter

25 momme Silk Blankie

Size  - 25 x 25cm (10 x 10")
Price - £10 - which includes postage

Size - 30cm x 30cm (12x12")

Price - £14 - which includes postage

pure silk baby blanket shawl hand made in england

Baby Blanket Shawl

Do you want the absolute best for your baby - Our Silk Baby Blanket/Shawl is unique - Hand crocheted in the UK with 100% mulberry silk yarn - Hypoallergenic - inhospitable to dust mites - moisture resistant - mildew and odour resistant - naturally fire retardant - undyed and chemical free

Priced at £70 which includes courier Postage in the UK

silk baby packaging uk


Our Baby products come wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon

We post 1st class recorded delivery next day

Free Postage in the UK

Please email for international orders

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