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Cliffton Silk Gifts


Our Silk Charmeuse is the Queen of silks - before purchasing Silk make sure to :

Check the Momme (weight) - ALL Silk has a Momme Check what Silk it is - ALL Silk has a name

BEWARE of Inferior Lightweight Silks which do not mention the Name or Momme of the Silk - All good Silk sellers will know this - and Remember it is Charmeuse Silk that is the one Recommended by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons because of it's special weave allowing your face and hair to move freely without causing lines while you sleep - and remember thats about 26 years of our lives!


This is the Queen of Silks It has a soft satin front and a crepe back - it is not slippery like satin as some may think - it has a beautiful drape and comes in different mommes (weight) This is a luxurious silk and if often used for expensive clothing and lingerie


This silk also known as Indian silk has a slubbed rib effect and has a stiff and rough surface (weave) - often used for home furnishings


Silk noil is made from the short fibers left after combing and carding so it doesn't shine like many other silk fabrics. Noil looks similar to cotton, but has the soft feel of silk against the skin. It also drapes better than cotton and resists wrinkling


Jacquard silks offer various woven patterns, using matt and reflective threads to create a light and dark effect in the fabric. This effect is similar to brocade, although the Jacquard is originally created in one colour


Also known as China silk is a lightweight, sheer, plain-weave fabric sometimes called pongee. It is one of the less expensive and more commonly available silk fabrics

Habotai can be found as light as 5 momme and as heavy as 12 momme (weight) This silk is often used for dress lining and silk painting.


Silk charmeuse can be washed by hand or machine on a delicate setting no higher than 30 degrees The less time silk is in water the longer it will last so hand washing is best

We recommend washing your silk with Tenestar - This contains no chemicals or lipid-replenishers. This will prevent the silk from any damages when being washed and will keep the fabric from roughening and also help keep its shine.

Your silk item can be dry cleaned.

Silk dries very quickly so line drying is best without spinning or a short spin.

If you need to dry your silk in a tumble drier use a low to medium setting.

Gentle Silk For your Skin and Hair