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Frequently Asked Questions

Q --Is it true that having cotton on one side of the silk pillowcases is preferable so that it doesn't slip around?


A --No - This is not true. Having cotton on one side is just a cheaper way of making the pillowcases - They do not slip around when you sleep.


Q --Are your silk products sold on the high street?

A --No, we choose not to - and here are the reasons -


High Street shops have massive mark ups meaning they put 200% or more on top of the price.  We prefer to sell  at wholesale prices making it affordable to all.

Another reason is that our products are not mass produced and Made in England

In order to supply High Street shops we would have to use foreign exporters who can mass produce and we prefer not to use foreign/cheap or child labour.


Q --Do you have a good customer base selling online?

A --Yes. We have an excellent customer base, we have been trading for 13 years online. And have many satisfied and returning customers Nationally and Internationally.


We supply to people from all walks of life includingRoyalty, Public Figures and Celebrity Figures.


Our reputation has been built over many years of supplying quality products.

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