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Garshan Silk Gloves

silk massage gloves

Garshan Silk Massage Gloves

how to massage with silk gloves

How to Massage

Garshan is a unique traditional Indian Ayurvedic dry massage with a special silk glove that can be done as an alternative to an oil massage. It is especially recommended for those trying to lose weight. By stimulating the connective tissues - metabolism and blood circulation are improved and impurities are removed more quickly and easily. It also helps in the prevention and reduction of cellulite. The electricity created refreshes and stimulates the skin, promoting better circulation
and a breakdown of fatty deposits and cellulite.
It increases static electricity in and around the body - having a beneficial effect on the energy channels throughout the body - and energy centres within the body because they function within an electromagnetic field, as it alkalizes and ionizes blood and lymph.

Benefits those with headaches, stiffness, muscle aches, neuralgia (nerve pain), fatigue, poor blood circulation; improves intestinal functioning and reduces cholesterol in liver.

Perform Garshan massage before bathing for about five minutes. Massage with the whole hand using fairly vigorous strokes with the cupped hand (thumb parallel to the fingers). Use circular strokes on the joints (shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists, hips, and ankles), and back and forth strokes on the arms and legs. Do not massage face, chest and heart.

Start with the neck, next massage the arms and then move slowly from the shoulders downwards moving back and forth above the chest area. Massage stomach and back horizontally and diagonally. Use circular strokes on hips and abdomen and end with the legs and feet. Repeat the cycle several times.

Garshan can be performed daily for up to 5 minutes.

These gloves are 100% Raw Silk - Made in England - Hand wash

Priced at £12 each or £19.50 a pair - which includes postage

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