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Silk Pillows

Our Mulberry Silk Filled Pillows Compliment Our Silk Pillowcases

Our Anti Wrinkle Silk Pillows are the ultimate luxury and a perfect complement to our silk pillowcases
Filled with A Grade mulberry silk long strand floss and covered with 100% mulberry silk charmeuse - to eliminate facial pressure

There is this evidence that pillow pressure on the facial muscles cause sleep lines and as we sleep for 8 hours a day  it makes sense to sleep on the Purest Silk Pillow

Our silk pillows have been designed to eliminate facial pressure Using top grade premium long strand silk floss filling
They are covered in 25 momme silk charmeuse and  provide good support for the head and neck. When you think how close our face is to our pillow - 8 hours a day - it makes sense

Standard Pillow - 50 x 76cm (20 x 30 inches)
Price - £115 - Includes Postage in the UK

Our Pure Silk is

# Dust mite resistant ( silk floss has been tested by scientists for its anti dust mite properties)
# Prevents the growth of micro organisms and bacteria
# Naturally Hypoallergenic
# No additives or chemicals

You will be amazed just how comfortable our pillows are

Another good reason to change to a pure silk pillow is that research has proved what lives in feather or synthetic pillows

Travel silk pillow-  30 x 40cm (12 x 16 inches)
Price - £37.99 - which includes postage - 


Pillowcase for travel pillow - £21.99 - Includes Postage in the UK

girl laying on silk pillowcase
silk filled pillow
silk travel pillow
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